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Who is this Jimmie Who Writes?

Jimmie has always loved a good fantastic story. When he realized there weren’t nearly as many new ones out there as he wanted, he set about to write the world full of them. He sees no reason why he should stick to one type of story, either, and writes flash stories and short stories and stories on social media platforms like Instagram and even poetry. He’s as likely to write a haiku about a sandwich as he is to write a serious short story about a little boy who summons a demon to gain a friend and he’s often quite surprised by the stories he uncovers.

In his few decades on the Earth, Jimmie has played in a jazz band, danced and sung in a show choir, worked as a police dispatcher, sung lovely music in a crypt for dead German kings and the national anthem at a college honors convocation, interviewed politicians about their love of alternate history and chickens, preached a few church sermons, directed a choir, moderated panels about humor and new media, taught junior church, spoke to an audience at SXSW, and lost on Jeopardy! to a man who later wrote a book with J.J. Abrams. He still thinks writing about werewolves and hungry blobs is the most fun thing he’s ever done.

Jimmie lives in Maryland with his most beautiful wife, his bitey bitey cat, and no actual horrible monsters as far as he can tell, though the woods behind his house do look suspect at times. He does not often refer to himself in the third person. Thankfully.

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