Happy Sunday! You get your morning drink of choice ready. I’ll handle the reading material. Deal? Deal.


  1. This cloud in space tastes of raspberries and smells of rum. Or it would if there was air in space, which there isn’t, even though there’s an Air and Space Museum.
  2. If you like cool comics full of heroic exploits and derring-do, Story Bundle has your hook up in their typical “pay what you want but pay a little more for even more book-y goodness) way.
  3. This guy could use every prayer you can spare. He has an awfully tough road to walk.
  4. Another year, another movie studio resolved to bring Stephen King’s massive ego-stroking opus The Gunslinger to the big screen. Or little screen. Or apps. Or web. Or someplace. Don’t get me wrong here. I really liked the first five Gunslinger books. Blaine the Mono is one of the best villains written for a horror or sci-fi setting. Once the author inserts himself into the story as, and I might get this wrong because I think I blacked out when I got to this point, a literal servant of The Beam, it’s time to step back.
  5. Thank goodness we sorted out that whole Net Neutrality thing! Now let’s all happily pay our new internet tax. Fee. Whatever. Pay up, neutraleers!
  6. Have you heard of the Green Children of Woolpit? Back in the 12th Century, a couple of kids appeared outside a town in Suffolk, England. They didn’t speak the language, ate only beans, and were green. Yep. Green. Click the link, because the story gets only more strange.
  7. Apollo 13 Lego minifigs? I’d like one Gene Kranz, please.
  8. There is no sex in the Champagne Room Department of Justice.
  9. Ted Cruz has dysentery. Rand Paul has a broken leg.
  10. Chicago’s Adler Planetarium is running a cool exhibit based around the life and exploits of astronaut (and genuine hero) James Lovell. Perhaps if it does well, it’ll travel to the DC area and I can get a look.