Unlike many conservatives, I don’t have a visceral negative reaction to taxes. I figure taxes are the cost I pay to live in an ordered society. Unfortunately, we’re not getting what we pay for, are we? Instead of polite and professional police officers, we get shady grifters and trigger-happy bullies. Our military, which ought to be the leanest, meanest, junk yard dog in the pound has gotten fat and lost its snarl. Our school systems don’t even try to provide a basic, solid education but do spend a ton of cash on middle management and fad curricula that eject “graduates” who are wonderfully diverse snowflakes but who can’t hold a job more than a couple of weeks.

We’re getting rooked, every day, in a thousand different ways and the problems all boil down to the same thing. The people who take our money from us do not care one bit about us. I think it’s high time we made them care. I tweeted this earlier today:


Wouldn’t it be a fine thing if everyone we elected acted like that? Aren’t you tired of being treated like a street corner hooker who better have Big Daddy Gubmint’s money or else? I sure as heck am. I’m sick and tired of politicians who can’t summon the courage to end the public sector unions that protect the corrupt and the scofflaws. I’m bone-weary of politicians who can’t get even a little bit angry on our behalf. I’m done with members of Congress (and candidates for President, while we’re here) who are all talk talk and no cut slash.

Did you see where the IRS paid bonuses to over 1,100 employees who owe back taxes? Did you hear the DEA administrator tell Congress she can’t fire or even effectively discipline agents who hired prostitutes? Has anyone been fired for putting a suicidal veteran who called a crisis hotline run by the VA on hold? For that matter, were any of the VA bureaucrats whose crass incompetence killed hundreds, if not thousands, of veterans fired?

I’d be content with my tax bill if I was getting anything close to a good deal. I’m not. Neither are you. We’re getting ripped off and we have very little recourse, though I guess we could all go to work for the IRS, where not paying your taxes is just fine. If we don’t pay our taxes, they’ll be taken from us at gunpoint. Believe it.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is the man who leads the Republican Party, the party that is supposed to be for smaller government and good stewardship of your hard labor.

On our side? Not really. The GOP hasn’t proposed a budget in Congress that spends less than it did last year. Heck, our alleged fiscal conservatives couldn’t be bothered to submit a budget that spend only as much as we did last year. That didn’t stop them from congratulating themselves with the gleeful abandon of self-pleasuring zoo chimpanzees. One high-ranking Republican called their bloated proposal “visionary”. One called it “a better path”. One said it was “a good start”. One said — well, you get the idea. They were all very pleased they could put together a budget that will eventually balance at some point in the future, because to Congress, the future is where everything really happens. Budgets balance in the future. The bills for giant programs like Obamacare and the DHS all come due in the future. The Constitution either heals or burns in the future. The present is where you gull the rubes, cash their checks, and run for re-election. And if you’re still in Congress when all those future bills come due? Well, just pass another budget that balances in the future, raise a tax here or there, and you’re good.

Except we’re tired of that aren’t we? Haven’t we had enough? Aren’t we tired of being robbed?


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