Happy Sunday! What’s for breakfast? Anything good? I’m probably having a pack of peanut butter crackers because Sunday morning is always a bit of a rush for me, but I’ll make up for it with a proper lunch. No worries. I’ve a few good links for you to read while you’re enjoying breakfast? Ready? Let’s go.

  1. Here’s a good piece about what is perhaps the most famous album by The Beatles. I didn’t know it had an actual name, so I learned something.
  2. I carry a shoulder bag with me pretty much ever day and thanks to Art of Manliness, I’m going to refer to it as my “possibles bag”.
  3. Ever wonder how a professional writer takes a blog post from conception to publication? Kevan Lee, one of the excellent writers at the Buffer Blog broke down his workflow to the minute. I was surprised how much time went into promotion, which is something I still don’t do well.
  4. If I wasn’t writing a Ten Links list right now, I’d write a Ten Things About Medieval Monsters list, except the British Library already did that and their list has pictures. Of monsters.
  5. Science, even the well-hashed-over stuff like how quickly the universe is growing, is never settled and anyone who tells you differently, to paraphrase the Man in Black, is selling something.
  6. If you’re writer who shrinks from self-promotion, let Chuck Wendig help you build some confidence and skill.
  7. “Aww, honey, I’ve had a wonderful time at the aquarium. Let’s get our picture take–AAH! IS THAT AN OCTOPUS OPERATING THAT CAMERA!?
  8. What exerts a greater gravitational pull on you at this moment: the Sun or EVERY SPIDER IN THE WORLD?
  9. The crock pot is the greatest invention for someone who either can’t cook or is afraid to cook but wants to eat healthy meals prepared at home. Here are 45 recipes to cover every meal from breakfast to dessert. Now you have no excuse.
  10. Do you like those fancy animated gifs but don’t know how to make them or where to find them? Hulu has you covered with scads of them, all free for you to use. Get to giffing!