Yes, it’s time for more links. I try to keep these in the fun and useful categories, as opposed to the news and outrage politics categories (the latter, quite honestly, bore me). Let me know how they work for you and what else you might like to see. I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

  1. Though I love social media, new media, and cool tech toys, I don’t have a Facebook account. Why, you may ask? Well, here’s one reason.
  2. Did you know zipping up your pants before you put them in the wash can help make your clothes last longer? I didn’t. Of course, you shouldn’t be in them when you do this.
  3. Think your plank is strong? This 57 year-old former Marine laughs at you.
  4. Get ready for your closeup, Pluto!
  5. Giant rats, people. GIANT RATS!
  6. In other rodent-related news, we now know that mice in space have skin-aging issues. This will become important once we start sending people on longer space voyages, assuming we actually get our “boldly go” courage back.
  7. If you’ve never seen any of Cinema Sins’ wonderful “Everything Wrong with…” series on YouTube, here’s their sin-video for Insidious 2.
  8. You never know when you may need to build a campfire that’ll last you the night without constant attention, so here’s your primer.
  9. Recipe time! First up, a delicious-looking salmon fried rice. You know if there weren’t already a bazillion cooking blogs out there (and my kitchen wasn’t the size of a walk-in closet), I might write a few play-by-play cooking posts.
  10. Next up, “skinny” fried chicken in BBQ sauce. Y’know, that’d go well with this pickle juice advice.


Lori Loughlin will be in the Full House reboot! Bob Saget will be in the Full House reboot! I can’t stop typing exclamations because this news brings me joy! I loved Full House and don’t care what you think about that!