“The New Hunt”



Alice walked up the riverbank toward the bloody camp, naked under the full moon. She wrung blood-tinged water from her hair and grimaced as a rib twisted back into place. After years of transformations, that last pain always surprised her.

The poachers were dead, of course. They never had a chance, not against her. No poacher had ever survived Alice on the moon-bright nights when her legs sent her dozens of feet in a leap, her claws cleaved metal, her tail crushed bone.

She dressed in scavenged clothes. Time to get back and prepare for the new hunt next month.


The writing prompt comes from Darleen at protein wisdom, whose story this week takes a half step into the future.

BigGator5 takes a turn at celestial alternate future history. Is that a thing? Yes. Yes it is.

April’s story today isn’t so much a story as it is a tease to a longer story that, just perhaps, she’ll write.

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Carrie told a tale of transcendence that might be useful to all of us these days.

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