“The Mistress Approves”


The satyr dropped the items at Debbie’s feet. “Y-you are the Mast-er n-now”, it brayed.

“Mistress, you simple fool!” She raised her arms, the blood-red hands on her robe unfurled. The simple, twisted servant that had once been her father cowered, expecting punishment, but none came. She dismissed the Torgo with a grandiloquent gesture. She would punish him later. First, her birthright.

She ignored the hellhound’s leash and the Lodge key, picked up the vial. It in was power, a solution to control the mind and heart, to gather her husbands and hold them. She nodded. Oh yes. She approved.


You may be asking yourself at this moment, “Did Jimmie just write a piece of Manos: The Hands of Fate fanfic?” That is the wrong question, for the answer is apparent. Clearly, he did. What you should be asking at this moment is why Jimmie wrote a piece of Manos: The Hands of Fate fanfic*. The answer to that question is simple: because it has been a long week and Jimmie needed the sort of relief that can only come from letting his weary and too-restrained imagination run wild in the fields of silliness.

This is more a vignette than a story, really. That’s okay, though. Sometimes you need to present a scene more than a plot.

Darleen’s story this week presents a scene I’d like her to work into a larger story.

Smitty wove a tale of myth, legend, and current events. Yes, they do work together!

Look at BigGator5 working the history!

April has a tale of a literal job hunt. It’s a good one!

Tania is back from her global gallivanting with a new story from her favorite characters Nick and Emma!

*You also may ask yourself why Jimmie is referring to himself in the third person**. The answer to that, like many things about Jimmie, is unknowable.

**You may ask yourself, “How do I work this?” and “Where is that large automobile?” But do not ask loudly. I hear a great deal of water comes to those who ask too loudly.