“Karma Dies Today”


“So that’s it. The Wheel of Karma.”
It was old and spun impossibly fast. The wood creaked and hissed, the only other sounds in this place. We were alone, the caretaker and I, as I hoped. Perfect.
“So now what?”
“You wait.”
I hefted my hatchet, made of pure spite, dark and sharp in this place. “Nah, old man. Not this time.”
I swung. He cried out in surprise. I swung again. Silence. I turned to the hissing wheel, grinned, and chopped at a support beam. Karma’s a bitch in the real world. But here? Here, I kill it.


This is one of those weeks I could have gone an easy 500 words with this story. There’s something interesting to me about the Wheel of Karma existing in a metaphysical space we can actually reach. Well, not us exactly, but someone could if they knew how and trained hard enough. Why, given enough study and training, one might even bring an item from the familiar world with them. What might drive a person to fashion a blade of pure spite from their own dying psyche? Hmm.

Inspiration as ever by Darleen, whose story fairly demands closer examination.

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