Morning on the Beach


“Think we’ll catch it this time?”
The waves climbed the empty beach, tickled her toes, made her smile. She twitched her fishing rod, felt the heavy bait on the end of the line tug back.
“What happens when we catch it?”
He smiled his Dad Joke smile. “Guess I’ll have to find some other way to spend mornings with my beautiful girl.”
She blushed. “Daaaaaaad! Wha–?” The rod jerked down hard. The reel screamed. Past the breakers a leviathan breached the grey-golden sea.
Her Dad shouldered his railgun, took aim. “Steady, Caroline. Easy. Bring it to me.”


A new year is upon us! I hope you all have found happiness and health in 2016’s first week. It’s been a while since I’ve written a story, but I think I picked up the habit quite nicely. I wasn’t idle, though! You can read my review of The Shannara Chronicles’ pilot episode over at Phantom Sway.

Speaking of Phantom Sway, keep your eyes peeled for exciting news about Fiction Friday and more original writing stuff. Some cool things are coming!

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