Jalyn the Scourge


Jalyn was eight when the Godswood burned and her family died. For years, her dreams filled with smoke and the buzzing hiss of demons. For years, she woke in the Abbey to her own barely-muffled screams until she learned to master her dreams.

Until she learned how to walk in fire.

Until she learned how to kill the demons.

Now she was Jalyn the Scourge, the righteous arm of the Church Ascendant. She hunted demons without fear or remorse and had avenged the death of her family a hundred times over.

But she still hated being in the woods alone.


I imagine this could be the beginning of an interesting adventure, though I’ve not thought beyond this introduction. It’s not a proper story, of course, though it could be with a little care and feeding.

This is the first of the “catch-up” stories I mentioned yesterday. I’d like to get two more done tomorrow, before Super Bowl L (No, NFL, I will not break tradition just because you’re too lazy to explain what roman numerals are). I’m hopeful it’ll happen! IN the meantime, a little question: would you be willing to kick in a buck a story if I launched a Patreon page for my short fiction? Drop your thoughts in the comments, s’il vous plaît.

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