An Unfair World

There was no such thing as superheroes anymore, thought the boy on the bicycle as the truck skidded down the snowy road toward him.

They were all dead or just gone away. He locked eyes with the terrified, helpless driver as the tires left the ground and the truck flipped right at him.

There was just us against the dangerous world. He stepped off his bike, still focused on the driver who tumbled past, out the shattered window.

It’s not fair. He caught the driver deftly in one hand, the truck less so with the other and set them both safely down.

Not fair at all.

It’s certainly been a while since I wrote a story here. I have no good excuse and will only say that I have made a resolution, similar to the resolution I made in July to start walking every day, to write no matter how crapulent the output. There’s no way to know if my resolution will hold but the walking resolution did and I’ve lost 20 pounds in the past 6 months. There’s hope!

In the meantime, April has gotten her writing mojo back! And by “mojo” I mean “time to write” because, honestly, carving out the time in a week as busy as hers is of supreme importance and immense difficulty. I’m glad she did it and I hope she continues, and not just because my name appears most prominently in her latest story.

Today’s story is an effort to knock off some creative rust and tell the most complicated story I can in a teeny-tiny space. Did I succeed? You’ll have to let me know!