The First Seal

Jason winced as the tiny artifact fell onto the counter with a sharp crack. “Dammit!”
Sarah came up next to him. “What did you break?”
Jason picked up the disc, almost two centimeters across. “Catalog says it’s a seal. Minoan, but I think it’s from farther East — Cyprus, maybe, or Israel. See the inscription? Oh…”
“Right.” She took it from him. The crack bisected the inscription neatly. She split it, dropped the halves, sighed. “Well, can’t exhibit it no–”
A voice like thunder shook the building. Above the city, a horse and rider split the sky.
Unnoticed, the seal melted.

This week, the Metropolitan Museum of Art made over 400,000 of its high-resolution images available “for free and unrestricted use”. Today’s story is inspired by an image from their collection and is, I fully admit, kind of a “gimme”. You see a picture of a seal and what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Right. So here’s the beginning of the End Times. Everybody thank Jason.

Thanks Jason.