“She was a Princess Once, and Brave”

There are eleven statues in the Temple of the Ten Saviors. Ten stand in the shining cathedral, thronged by crowds who sing hymns of thanks to the warriors. The eleventh sits alone, almost hidden, in an alcove, a notched sword on her lap. Her face is scarred and bloody, her eyes closed. On the base is an inscription: “She was a princess once, and brave”.

Every year, during market time, a little girl stands at her feet, barefoot, skinny, and poor. She whispers a promise and rushes away. Sometimes her words echo in the alcove, “I will be brave, too.”

This is my story for this week’s Friday Fiction at Phantom Sway! It’s not a proper story — more like a small scene — but I think I’d like to know more about the woman portrayed by the statue and the little girl who reveres her. What do you think?

I haven’t posted a story here in three weeks or so, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t written! The story that would usually have gone here on Friday went directly to Phantom Sway. I’d love if you gave them a read, too!

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The new edition of the Jimmie Writes newsletter came out this evening as well. The story in it is titled “The Final Incursion” and I think it’s quite good. You can get it with one simple subscription click!