A Good Day’s Work

The butterfly flapped its wings, took flight.

A city away, a desperate man at a table full of killers hit a gutshot straight.

A continent away, a breeze nudged the path of a bullet straight into the heart of a bloodthirsty tyrant.

A world away, an open gas main found a spark. The resulting explosion distracted a man driving his car too fast, which caused him to skid off the road into a field, which made him kill a cow instead of the boy on the bicycle in the middle of the road.

The butterfly, exhausted, landed where it began.

I originally had another idea for this week’s Phantom Sway prompt, but I couldn’t quite fit it into 100 words. However, you’ll very likely see it in my newsletter, which I promise I’ve not forgotten! I’ve had a bunch of things happen the past few weeks that have my schedule well off-kilter. I’m okay; just…out of routine.

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