“The Gone-Away Bookshop”

The Gone-Away Bookshop

Friday Fiction Library Bookstore.jpg
The briefing officer slid a picture across the table. Matilda examined it and shrugged.
“It’s a bookshop. Built in an old tunnel from the ceiling arch. Haphazard shelving. That’s the shopkeeper? Take a look, Alaric.”
He squinted at it. “That’s odd writing on the ceiling, isn’t it? Looks like equations or…graffiti?” They looked to the officer, who slid them a slim folder. She opened it.
“This is what we know. The bookshop existed for six months, then it disappeared.”
“Disappeared. Completely.” Matilda straightened in her seat. So did Alaric. He asked, “So why activate us now?”.
“Because yesterday…it returned.”

I should have written this story two weeks ago, when I posted the prompt at Phantom Sway, but I got way too precious with myself and became the worst of story ninnies. You know those writers who only seem to write once in a while even though they have huge plans? Yeah. One of those (*cough*RothfussMartinGerrold*cough*).

To heck with that noise. I have stories. This is one of them. There are more coming.


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