#Friday Fiction 100-Word Challenge / “Just Desserts”

Just Desserts

Friday Fiction Cat and Mouse.jpg

This was…wrong. In life, Tommy had been powerful and important. A businessman. Influential. A cruel and petty tyrant who bullied his neighbors, including that pipsqueak Aldon Marshall. In death, he was confused. Instead of waking up surrounded by angels, he had paws. And…whiskers? He twisted his head…

He had a tail. A TAIL!

At that moment, Aldon’s voice came from above him, curiously loud. “Hey Tommy!”

Tommy lifted his head, insults on his lips, but all that came out was a strangled squeak at he stared up into the hungry eyes of a cat.

A cat with Aldon Marshall’s smile.

I’ll be honest here. The choices of names are not coincidental and there is, quite possibly, a tiny bit of fantasy fulfillment going on here.

I admit nothing. But, you know, if you want to put yourself in a certain feline role and change the name of the reincarnated mouse, who am I to judge?

There’s plenty of time to get in on this week’s writing challenge. Just head on over and tell your best story. Hit me up over on Facebook, as well. Let me know you wrote something!

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