#Friday Fiction 100-Word Challenge / “The Twelfth Santa”


Bob plucked the note from the clothesline.

“There are eleven other Santas.
Put on the suit.
Trust your reindeer.
Do not fail us.
We are watching.”

He had stepped out for a walk in the quiet winter night. Instead, he’d found a worn, fine suit of red and white fur hung between two old trees. And the note. And a curious set of small footprints.

“Reindeer? The hell?”. He turned in a slow circle, looking for the intruder.

He saw nothing. Instead, from behind his shed, he heard the distinct snort of a large animal and the jingling of bells.


It’s been a while since I’ve written anything and wow did it feel good to share this one with you! Thank you for coming by and reading my stories, for sharing your thoughts on them with me, and for playing along with all the writing prompts I’ve served up this year. When I began this year, I had a couple very firm goals. First was to issue a flash fiction writing challenge every Friday of the year over at Phantom Sway. Second, was to write and post a story each week.

The first went pretty well. The second…not quite as well. But not bad either. I didn’t hit the mark but I came darned close, and that’ll do. Next year, as Inigo Montoya once said, “I will not fail”. Okay. I might, but we’ll have fun on the way and I’ll do even better than I did this year. Stay tuned!

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