The Dawn Raid

Fiction Friday, a Cabin Maybe.jpg

Deke fired his rocket launcher at the wizard’s cabin and counted.

It hit the cabin on three — a flash that scorched the surrounding trees and echoed over the lake. Deke didn’t wait for the smoke to clear to see the damage. There would be none. The cabin was built from the raw essence of the In-Between by a master wizard. No mere anti-tank rocket could punch through its walls.

But Deke’s rocket wasn’t a punch. It was a knock.

Above him, a gryphon roared and its rider, wearing the blue and red of the Magisterial Patrol, boomed out “SEARCH WARRANT”.

This one might require a little more of your imagination than usual. I wanted to stretch it out to 250 words or so, to give you a little background and maybe a touch more action, but then I looked back at the last few stories I’ve written here. Gosh, there are a lot of stories longer than 100 words! Even on Friday!

I wouldn’t be much of a writer if I kept turning up my nose at my own rules, right? Right! So this one lost some explanation and explosions and came in at the right length. I’m pretty sure you can follow what’s happening and maybe even guess at what’s about to happen. Also, try to imagine a little light strapped to the gryphon. It’ll help at the end.

And while you’re in the literary mood, why not try your hand at a story of your own? The challenge is right here. It’s easy as pie. You like pie, don’t you? And you’ll like the challenge, too. I know it!