Foggy Morning Getaway


The wizard had done his job well, though Garnet, as he looked down at the light golden fog slowly filling the city streets. He could no longer see the harbor, nor the market square. A few minutes more and he’d only be able to see the very tallest of the closest buildings. More importantly, no one on the ground would be able to see him make his escape. The wizard had earned every ounce of that gold.

Garnet hated to kill him. The man asked no questions and even offered to cast a spell to erase his short-term memory. Garnet nearly let him, even nodded to get the man to turn around. As soon as he had, Garnet slit his throat and held him silent until he bled out his last moment of life. He couldn’t take the chance that one of the Invisible Hand would find the man and undo what had been done. They had that much power and they would look for him. He couldn’t chance it. The man had to die to ensure Garnet’s success.

And succeed he had. He smiled and patted the pouch in which rested the most valuable gem in the Four Kingdoms. It would ensure a most comfortable retirement if he could get it out of the city.

From inside the Tower, Garnet heard the stirrings of commotion and alarm. It was time to leave. He raised his face to taste the light wind from the sea, unfurled his wings, and leaped.

I’ve started posting picture prompts again on Friday mornings over in a Facebook group for writers and other creative-minded folks to which I belong. Though I’m not particular enamored with Facebook and the whiny autocrats that run the place, I do like the folks in the group. They’re good peeps.

Last Friday’s prompt sat on the back burner for a few days because I was, quite honestly, not in a particularly creative mood. I was busy with a lot of running back and forth and felt a tad bit under the weather due to a brief head cold that I don’t think I’ve entirely shaken. Then again, it is winter and I pretty much live with some level of head-stuffiness for a couple or three months. That is life, eh?

Anyhow, I was late getting to this, but get to it I did! If you’ve a mind to write your own story, have at it, though I think you might have to be part of the group to participate. Like I said, they’re a good bunch. You might even make a new friend or two.

(Photo Credit: d_poltoradnev on Pixabay)