The Boundary

Misty Winter Road by artellliii72 on Pixabay

“Welcome to The Boundary!”

Bonzi hopped down from the cart and stretched. The road was kept well, but it was still dirt and a dirt road in the winter up here did not make for a smooth two hours. The others who had shared the ride also stretched and eyed the wall of mist.

Leslie tapped the ground twice with her staff and the ground chimed. Heads turned to her. “Like I said, welcome to the boundary. I’m Leslie Arthur, Warden of this sector. You’re the Sheriffs. You do what I tell you and we do just fine, yes?”

Bonzi nodded along with the others. No one spoke up yet. Leslie Arthur was the most decorated caster in Federated service — a legend not only for her skill with magic but also for her temper. She took her job seriously and brooked no nonsense. “Listen. I have an oath to uphold here. So do you. I take that oath more seriously than the Binding that holds me to it. I expect you to act that way, even if you don’t feel it. Beyond The Boundary is death and horror. We will make sure it stays right where it is. If you are very good casters, we may even push it back a bit. Are we clear?”

A couple hesitant affirmatives floated up from the group. Bonzi felt more brave. “Ma’am, yes ma’am!”

She smiled. “Good! You. Mr. Enthusiasm. You’re with me on first patrol.”

Bonzi winced and thought, Too much, dummy.

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(Photo Credit: artellliii72 on Pixabay)