Speaking of Pain (A Trouble Team Story)

Amber Gel Pills by Sprinter_Lucio on Pixabay

Gecko the Great shook a couple of pills into his hand and downed them with a swallow of warm fruit drink. He grimaced at the taste, both of the pills and the cloying liquid.

“These things taste awful,” he said, recapping the bottle.

“Then why do you take them?” Exemplar sat down at the table across from him.

Gecko shrugged. “Supposedly, they’re good for flexibility. They keep my cartilage and joints all..I dunno…supple.”

“Supple? Aren’t geckos already pretty supple?”

“Well, yeah. But I’m not actually a gecko, you tool. And getting slammed around by those Controller goons still hurts, even if I am supple! Not that you’d know. Nothing hurts you.”

Exemplar frowned a bit. “Hey. That’s unfair! Remember the gunshot last week?”

Gecko rolled his eyes. “Please, man! He used a .38! Im not even sure that would hurt me and I’m not practically indestructible!”

“Geck, my friend, some hurts aren’t physical. He thought he could hurt me with a revolver!” Exemplar gave an exaggerated pout. “That hurt my feelings.”

“Har har.” Gecko stood up and went into the kitchen. “Some people would really like to take the punishment you do and not–oh no. Oh, man!”


“You ate the last of Bee Sharp’s plum jelly.” Gecko came out of the fridge with an empty jar. “You know how much pain she’s going to put on you when she sees this?”

Just then, they heard the sound of the Trouble Truck coming up the road. Their eyes widened.

You remember the Trouble Team, yes? You read about how they got the Trouble Truck and got in trouble with a few missiles? If not, here’s your chance to get caught up. If you have, well, they’re back again, thanks to an inspirational prompt in a certain Facebook group.

One day, I might write a longer story about the Trouble Team and how they earned themselves such a persistent and bloodthirsty foe as The Controllers. Would such a tale interest you? Let me know.

(Photo Credit: Sprinter_Lucio on Pixabay)