Make Things Happen


The bright yellow note on Tanya’s vision board read “MAKE THINGS HAPPEN”. She stared at it, unblinking, for a full minute. Her breathing deepened, her shoulders dropped a fraction as she relaxed. Her lips moved soundlessly as she repeated the mantra to herself.

She couldn’t remember writing the note, just as she couldn’t remember writing the others that had shown up in the center of the board over the past…how many weeks? She couldn’t remember that either. What she could remember is how they made her feel. Powerful. Relaxed. Complete.

Today’s note dominated the board, larger and newer than any of the other scraps and stickys pinned there, some of them so old that she could no longer read them. Not that she wanted to. They were her old life — shopping lists and phone numbers and reminders to buy wine and things she no longer needed now that she had the vision board. Now that the bright yellow note in her strong and confident hand gave her direction for the day.

She ran her fingers through unwashed hair and crooked-buttoned her frayed sweater. “MAKE THINGS HAPPEN” burned in the back of her mind, whispered in her ears from the inside. She said it one more time, aloud but in a near-monotone whisper.

“Make. Things. Happen.”

She could do that. Yes, she could. Today was her day. She was going to make things happen.

Tanya shoved the last block of explosives into her shoulder bag and yanked the zipper closed.

I got tired of the mad bombers being all crazy dudes. Why can’t a “Live Laugh Love” lady be a crazy bomber, too? Why can’t the Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight carry her bombs in a Hermès bag, hmm? 

No reason, I tell you. No reason at all. 

And it even better if maybe she didn’t go all crazy bombs and maddening affirmations all by herself. Those vision board have got to be up to something, don’t they?

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(Photo Credit: geralt on Pixabay)