I Miss People


I miss people.

I especially miss people on those long autumn evenings when I would sit on that one concrete bench by the lake. It bathed in the sun all day so that when I sat down, it kept me warm even as the evening rose and the chill of the night folded around me. There used to be good fishing at the lake, and there’d always be a dozen or so people ringed around it, still as statues, poles tilted just so, lines slack, awaiting the familiar whack and tug of something on the line.

Not so much anymore.

The park used to be busier, too. There’s a picnic area not far from my bench and I could sit there and listen to them laugh and play. It was good to let their lives wash over me and watch a stray leaf detach from the oak tree above me and mosey through the amber air al the way to the surface of the blue-green water. It was more than good; it was respite.

I worked too much back then. Didn’t take a lot of time to enjoy this place as much as I could have.

Now, I have all the time I want but it’s just not as good. Not without the people.

I miss the people.

I guess I probably should have left a few alive when I conquered their world five years ago.

Oh, well. There’s always the next one, isn’t there?

I’ll get it right eventually.

This one came out quickly! I had intended for it to be sweet and sentimental — a real change of pace from other things I’ve written lately (and am writing now). Of course it could never be that way. My creative brain can’t resist the weird and slightly horrible twist.

At least I give good value for your time!

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(Photo Credit: ilyssuti on Pixabay)