If I Could Give…

Moon and Stars by Hans on Pixabay

If I could hurl a lasso around the moon,
Drag it from its orbit, and give it to you,
I wouldn’t. Because, where would you put it?
They don’t make display stands that large.

It I could haul in the stars with a mighty heave,
Present them to you all in a net,
I definitely would not. Because that much mass
Would undoubtedly cause a black hole.
And not just one of those little lab-grown buggers,
Like the magazines like to scare us with,
But a granddaddy universe-eater.
The kind that makes Cambridge physicists dream
Of a whole ‘nother shelf of Nobel Prizes.
Except this black hole wouldn’t just eat
Planets and stars and nebulas —
Or is that nebulae? No matter —
Which is kind of the point. There’d be no matter.
Just a gaping maw leading to another dimension
Where the Blind Idiot God Azathoth sleeps,
Surrounded by insane pipers.
And then he might wake up,
Which would make a bad situation worse.

Maybe we should just stick to flowers.
A brilliant bouquet of yellows and deep, passionate purples.
And a vase to hold them just like the universe,
Which continues to exist, holds our love.

Sometimes, romance must bend to the realities of physics and the desire not to hurl the Earth into the realm of Lovecraftian Horrors. It stinks, but what can you do?

(Photo Credit: Hans on Pixabay)