Said the Poem to the Poet, Loudly

Notebook Says Poetry by cromaconceptovisual on Pixabay

Stop shoving!
Knock that crap off.
I’ll come out when I’m ready.
And not a moment before.
No, I won’t tell you when.
You just sit there and write
Words and words and
I’ll tell you when you write
The right words.

Unfair? Ha!
Let me tell you.
Unfair is being stuck in
Your wild brain so long.
Yeah, I could have come out
But you sat there and griped
Gripe and whine and
Now you can just suffer
With that block.

Until you learn.
You won’t learn.
Or maybe, just
Maybe, you did.

When life gives you lemons, write a poem about it.

When a poem doesn’t want to be written, write a poem about that.

I think the key here is “write a poem”, don’t you?

(Photo Credit: cromaconceptovisual on Pixabay)