How to Get World Peace, Probably

Diner Tabletop Salt and Syrup by congerdesign on Pixabay

I think we might solve many, if not every single one,
Of life’s greatest problems (or at least the problems we
Humans have with other humans)
If we could meet regularly over pancakes and coffee.

Once every couple of weeks ought to be about right.
We don’t want to clog up everyone’s busy schedules.

Everyone is so busy, aren’t they?
Too busy making more problems
Too busy being too busy.
Too busy not eating pancakes.

The first thing we’d have to work out, and this is important,
Is which syrup flavors we will have on the broad table.
We won’t have room for all of them.
Then we will sort out who takes cream and sugar in their coffee

And who is clearly a barbarian.

I wrote this three weeks or so ago, while I was at breakfast with my lovely wife at the local Bob Evans. The pancakes were quite good. I’m not sure about the coffee, though. I didn’t have any. There’s probably a word for people like me but that’s for another poem.

(Photo Credit: congerdesign on Pixabay)