“Cloudsong”, a Poem


CreepyCornfield November by Me

I heard a word from the sky above,
“Come up, look up, and breathe, my love.”
The clouds, aloud, sang my soul’s song.
And I, with a sigh, sang right along.

I had just dropped my wife at work and took a minute to look at a couple of photos I had taken as I left work earlier in the day. When I saw this one, and another very much like it, this poem came to mind, pretty much all at once. I spent perhaps ten minutes typing up in an Instagram post, to get the rhythm and rhyme right, then let it fly.

The structure of the poem, such as it is, suggested itself from the first line. I didn’t have to do much. And that, sometimes, is how creativity works.

(Photo Credit: Me on Instagram!)

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