The Artist to His Tender Heart

SMPET Color Bars Terst Pattern by Wikimedia Commons

The break isn’t coming.
No one will care.
No matter your effort
No help is out there.

Keep up what you’re doing.
Make all your stuff.
Love is what matters.
Passion is enough.

When the night darkens
It all hurts a lot
That’s the best time
To share what you’re got.

Yay passion! Yay art! Yay
Writing the words.
Even if the world thinks
They’re fifty pound turds.

Don’t give in. Don’t worry.
Don’t concede or give up
Because something something
Whatever. Shut up.

Some days, you write whatever you have in front of you. You might want to ignore it, but if you do, you might miss a chance to make even more art to hurl into whatever abyss is handy.

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)