Four Advent Poems
I: He is Coming

Advent Candle First by Liesel on Wikimedia Commons

Look, they said. Look for him.
God’s only begotten.
He is coming, the child.

Here is his name: Messiah.
Here are many names
And he will have them all. You will hear.
Here is where he will take his first breath.
Here is the city. Here is the setting.

Do not look for him up high
Do not look among the wealthy
Do not search for the powerful.
Look low. Look quiet.

Listen for the man in the wilderness.
Listen for the song of angels.
Listen for the crying of a baby.
Listen for the mourning of a whole city.

Remember what we have told you, they said.
Remember the words God gave us.
Remember every day. Remember and
Do not forget. He is coming, the child.

I’m not quite sure how this will go. I’ve never tried a series of sacred poems. My writing tends to veer into the weird and…not quite glorious and reverent. I think, though, you will see something not just interesting but worthy of the season. Here is the first.

(Photo Credit: Liesl on Wikimedia Commons)