Jerry and the Cassette of Mystery

Cassette Tape by wolfmen in Pixabay

The cassette tape appeared on Jerry’s desk with a small pop that woke him up from a very nice daydream about winning the lottery. He looked around, but as usual, he was alone. No one came into the building unless habit or their duties required it. Like Jerry. He couldn’t blame them, really. The place was old, dreary, and situated next to hundreds of acres of stubby, wild nothingness. Not for the first time, he thought of finding a new job.

Instead, he gave the tape a close examination. It had no label, no marking, no nothing. It was a mystery, entire and complete, right there in his hand. Maybe it had fallen from a hole in the ceiling, though he couldn’t see how anything could get through all that plaster. That only left fanciful explanations: magic, aliens, time travel, magic time-traveling aliens, interdimensional DJs hungry to share their mixtapes.. He supposed he could play it and see what happened. There was a cassette player out in his car. He had stuck it in the back seat two years ago when he got it from…somewhere. He couldn’t remember. He always meant to move it but never did. Like working for people who buried him in a backwater office or living in his too-small, too-old apartment. Jerry meant to do many things but never did.

He gave the tape a shrug and tossed it into his backpack. He’d get to it after lunch, maybe. Or tomorrow.

Outside, time rolled on.

You wonder what might happen to Jerry if he, even once, stepped into an adventure.

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(Photo Credit: wolfmen on Pixabay)