Digital Dance Macabre

Social Media Icons by PhotoMIX-Company on Pixabay

Click like. Ring the bell
Subscribe or you
Can go to hell.

Share now. Share again.
Tweet, tweet, retweet
To all your friends.

Watch those pre-roll ads
Don’t you dare make
The ‘rithm sad

Reels here. Stories there.
They’re all the same
And no one cares.

More clicks. Crazy high.
Big numbers beat
The other guys

Words for SEO
Bait the headline,
Then let it go.

All day. Every night
Faces lit up
Monitor bright.

Sleep gone. Got no time.
Casualties of
Relentless minds.

Run on. Until you die.
Your last post gone
Without good-bye.

No dirge. Plays you down.
No music comes
To your ghost town.

I wrote this a couple of months ago, and tucked it away because I wasn’t sure it was the kind of thing I wanted to set loose into the world. It has an edge more keen than my other poems and such sharp art can wreak a certain amount of havoc, even among a small audience. Still, I don’t imagine the havoc this poem may or may not cause will end the world or cause a stampede so here it is.

(Photo Credit: PhotoMIX-Company on Pixabay)