There is No Moon

Full Moon by Kanenori on Pixabay

Do you remember the moon? I saw it a lot, I think, but I don’t remember. Was it real? Other people say it should be a real thing, like it should be up there all big and bright in the night time when I sleep. My Mom told me she used to look at the whole moon out the window of her bedroom at night and it made her feel warm and happy.

I want to be warm and happy like Mom but I can’t. There is no moon..

Some grown-ups tell me people even went all the way up to the moon on big rockets. We don’t make big rockets now, though. Did we ever make big rockets like the grown-ups say? Living on the moon would be cool. Why don’t we? We should, right? We should ‚ÄčI think it’s because there is no moon.

Was. Was no moon. It’s just not there. Mom and Dad say it used to be but it’s not because I thought too hard about how the moon was fake and it went away. They show me pictures and videos and movies but anyone can make fakes ones. Even I can and I’m not too good at it yet. I think they want to believe so it will come back. I can’t, though. It’s just gone. It wasn’t real. No way.

Mom and Dad are worried I’ll wonder what else isn’t real. I tell them I won’t, but it’s hard not to.

Really hard.

You can take this story in one of two directions. Either one is fine with me, really, because either one is very interesting if you use a little imagination. Well, one is very interesting and the other is horrifying.

That’s okay, isn’t it?

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(Photo Credit: Kanenori on Pixabay)