Welcome to the Archive


The file is in the archives. You may find its location in the card catalog.

You do not see a file. No matter. If you know its location, you will find the file.

The archive seems empty. It is not. It only appears so, for obvious and essential reasons.

Do you hear the echo of your steps in the seemingly empty archive? Do you hear the skitterings of rodent feet among the shelves that seem to hold only memories and cobwebs? Ignore them. The sounds do not exist. Only the sound of your breathing exists. And…some other breathing. You will hear that.

That is the guardian. It is a shadow. It is all shadows here. Look down. Do you see the shadow in front of you? That is not you. How can it be you when the light of the rising sun streams through the dusty window in front of you? That is the guardian. It is real. It is hungry.

Move quickly now. To the card catalog. Blow off the dust that is there but also not there, Pull open the drawer. Which drawer? Choose a drawer. You will know the one to open. Open it now. Do not notice how your shadow slides up the wall beside you. Take the card inside. It is the card you want. Look at the location printed on it. Go there. Quickly.

Take the file. Open it. Memorize it.

That is your assignment, assassin. That is real. You are real.

For today.

I’m not sure from what part of my creative brain this story originated. I’m also not sure I can answer any of the obvious questions you might have upon reading this. Still, it is interesting, isn’t it? There does seem to be quite a bit going on, doesn’t there? Well, that’s a story for you!

Play along with the prompt here.

(Photo Credit: Tama66 on Pixabay)