Dragons are real.

Dragons are not fairy tales. No. Fairies have other tales, and we will speak of those later, when you’re ready to think around corners and into the places between places.

Dragons have always been here, for as long as we humans have told stories.

Dragons are still here.

You don’t believe me. That smirk tells me a lot. Same for the way you hunched your shoulders.
You think I’m lying to you. Putting you on. I’m not. In fact, stop here. Right now. Stop walking.

Look up.

Do you see that gargoyle on the northeast corner? The one clutching the ledge like a perch? Don’t point! You don’t want it to notice that you notice, do you? Just…there. That one, with the bird’s nest. What is it?

A statue? That is how it appears, of course. But look. See the pigeon next to it? Watch that instead. Don’t take your eyes from it.



Waiii–THERE! Did you see? No?


Ah. Maybe it was too quick for you. Dragons are incredibly fast. Takes practice…training.

Let me ask you this, though. Where is the pigeon? Flown away? Well, sure. Could have. But that doesn’t quite explain those feathers floating from the ledge, does it? How about the feather in the statue’s mouth Or the scattered bird’s nest? What do they tell you? Accident? Gust of wind?


Dragons are real, kid. You’ll learn. You have to, if you’re going to hunt them.

Now. Let’s get lunch.

Today’s story was an experiment in how much I could convey with only dialogue — no tags, no description. How did I do?

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(Photo Credit: Aleviva-Medien on Pixabay)