At some point, you have to stop railing about the bad television shows you’re offered and come up with a few ideas of you own. At least that’s what I think. So I did! Here you go, television producers!

  1. Bill Clinton and the ghost of Richard Nixon travel around the country, solving mysteries.**(Animated)
  2. “Cooking with Bartolo”: Join Bartolo Colon as he shares his favorite recipes and stories from his many years as an MLB pitcher.
  3. A reality series like “Hard Knocks” that features a minor-league hockey team…
  4. …or an independent-league baseball team.
  5. Las Aventuras en el Espacio del Escuadrón de Luchadores** (starring Damian Lewis as Jefe de Escuadrón )
  6. An alien “advance team” works to establish a solid foothold on Earth without being discovered as such.
  7. Low-level White House staffers go about their business while “The West Wing” happens around and “above” them. Call it “White House Underground” and make it a sitcom. Pitch it as “The IT Crowd” of political shows.
  8. “The Traveling Fair”: Anthology series centered on a mysterious fair that suddenly appears in a town for a few short days. Stories are about the things that happen to the people of the town who come to the fair for fun and find…more.
  9. “CSI: Outer Rim”: Take the standard “crime scene police procedural” and set it in “Casablanca in Space”. Turn a few good sci-fi writers loose on alien species and how a law-enforcement agency might use forensics to solve crimes in a place where “fingerprints” could come from tentacles or fronds and “DNA” is…complicated.
  10. Live-action Jonny Quest. Why not? Keep the mystery and creepiness along with the cool gadgets and international spy feel.

BONUS IDEA NUMBER 11: “The Chupacabros”: A trio of monster hunters head into the wild each week in search of legendary monsters. They never find one. Well, almost never. And someone usually gets shot.**

*I freely admit I stole the idea of writing and publishing a “ten things” list from James Altucher.  In the future I’ll probably use some of his list ideas because they’re pretty good and we have a couple or three interests in common. He probably won’t mind, but if he does, I’ll figure out a way to make it right.

**I want these. Hands off, unless you put me on the team.