You know, you should probably be out with your Mom right now, treating her to lunch or, better yet, cooking her lunch! But if you can’t, for whatever good reason, here are a few good and interesting morsels from around the web you can read and share with your Mom or someone else’s!

  1. For reasons I can not even begin to explain, we will get a Three Stooges movie sequel — an action Three Movies sequel. Because nothing says “slapstick comedy” like a “major action star”.
  2. Eric Whitacre is, bar none, by favorite choral composer. Perhaps after you’ve listened to him talk about how a few of his pieces came about, he’ll become one of your favorites, too.
  3. Now would be a good time for a huevos rancheros breakfast sandwich.
  4. So, perhaps Enceladus would be one of those places that are nice to visit, but where you probably wanted to live, especially if your colony happened to be near a place that shot walls of vapor and ice miles into the sky.
  5. That time when we turned the Statue of Liberty into a huge battery.
  6. This history of the movie Airplane! kept me occupied for quite a while. That’s no mean feat.
  7. How about a look into the name of the newest royal baby?
  8. “If we don’t find someone who knows how to splice a wire in the next five minutes, we’re all toast!” “Sir, thanks to instructional videos on the internet, today is your lucky day.”
  9. Any fan of Band of Brothers will know of Darrell “Shifty” Powers, but there’s much more to his story and the life he lived after the war can be a help to many of us today.
  10. The guys at Buffer write amazingly handy blog posts, if you’re into social media, metrics, and getting your stuff into the hands of the people you most want to see, hear, or read it.


Think Geek was kind enough to tweet out this handy bookmark kit. Just print the picture on some good card stock and use it to save your progress in any book! Bonus 1ups to you if you can laminate it.