Springtime into Camelot


“I feel like a stripper”, Agent Gwenyvere groused to Merlin, her control, as she smoothed her fishnets.

“Stop bitching, Gwen. You know the plan.”

She sighed. “Yeah, sure. Lay on the feminine wiles. Get close. One in the groin. Wound, not kill”

Merlin nodded. “And?”

“And I grab the sword and bring it back. They lose their champion. The city falls.”

He nodded again and exhaled heavily. “The portal is ready. Remember: clever and quick.”

“Yes, Granddad.” She didn’t look up as she buckled her strappy heels.

She never saw his proud look as she stepped from springtime into Camelot.


Friday Fiction picked up this week from Darleen at protein wisdom and Smitty at The Other McCain. They seem to have hunted down similar trails, but different ones from mine. Also check out Gator’s flash fiction, which used a different picture (you have to click through to see his, though).