“Nackdo? Zattuuuuuuuuuuuuuu–*snick*”

Nicky jerked the chip from its socket, cussed, and looked furtively over his shoulder, expecting the scolding. His older brother hated when he cussed, said that wasn’t for smart kids like Nicky but big dumb jocks like him. But Mike had been gone a year, after the Hunterbot finally found them and he fought so bravely while Nicky hid.

He blinked back tears, made one more adjustment, then thumbed the chip into place. Held his breath.

Metal hands grasped him, raised him onto his toes. Lenses focused.

“Nicky? Izzat you?”

Nicky exhaled raggedly. “Hey, Mike. I’ve missed you.”


Friday Fiction picked up this week from Darleen at protein wisdom, Smitty from The Other McCain, and Gator from BigGator5.net.

Matthew at Old Line Elephant is working on a different ongoing story project called “Through the Mirror”.