I’m still trying to decide whether my weekly link posts, which I really like writing, are better served on a Sunday morning or later Sunday evening, so you can read them into the beginning of the week. Why don’t y’all let me know what works for you? Also, I’d like your opinion about something in a later link as well, so don’t just browse and close!

  1. I slept on this for a couple months, but the sleeper has awakened! Wait, wrong cult movie reference. Let me see here. Black blood of the Earth? All in the reflexes? Spooky slasher movie music? Menaced by monsters in the frozen wastes? No? How about we forget the movie references and groove on John Carpenter’s rock band.
  2. I’ll dip into politics just long enough to note that the GOP has lost its flipping mind (and as a result, deserves to get punted into the outer reaches of obscurity until it gets its collective head straight).
  3. You know, while the whiff of politics is in the air, let’s consider how useful it is to consider the other guy’s point of view. That’s strictly as a way to avoid the most ugly parts of a fight and win people over to your point of view, of course.
  4. Set aside some time to read about the origin and amazing history of Industrial Light and Magic, the effects company born from Star Wars. You will, I think, be surprised about how big a deal ILM has been over its 40 years.
  5. No matter whether you and depression are old combatants or distant strangers, Ken White’s candid and brilliant piece on his own struggles is useful.
  6. I admit, I suffer from overthinking, hesitation, and overplanning as a way of avoiding failure and I know I’m not alone. Perhaps this piece on taking action at Art of Manliness will help you as it’s begun to help me.
  7. I don’t know how to describe much of “The Cosmology of Serialized Television” except to say the Expansionary Model is the one most likely to disappoint you after 4 years but also the one most likely to deliver incredible moments of satisfaction. Read the whole thing if you love television series.
  8. Can we learn some things from Zardoz? Yes we can and yes we should.
  9. Are you crafty? Have you thought about starting your own Etsy shop? Here is a good guide to get you started and set up.
  10. I’ve thought a few times about starting my own newsletter (but would you subscribe? Tell me in the comments!) but wasn’t sure how to begin. Thanks to Kevan Lee at Buffer, I’ve got a good beginner’s guide.

No, I haven’t forgotten. Not for a second. Here’s extra link Number 11.

These interviews with World War II veterans about what Memorial Day means to them ought to live in your bookmarks for viewing every year. Remember the men and women who went away but never came home.