“Don’t You Fret”


“Don’t you fret”, Harry’s granddad said as he set his toolbox next to the old streetcar. “We’ll be fine.”

Harry sighed and smiled at the old man, his namesake. Business had been slow despite the upgrade from the old barge to this. His granddad knew he worried, told him not to. He tried.

A newspaper floated by in the chill breeze, a screaming headline, “CDC RESPONDS TO EBOLA SCARE”. His Granddad saw it too and winked. “What did I say, Haros? Now hand me that wrench.”

Harry laughed. The old man was right. Again. Nobody knew death like the Ferryman.


Friday Fiction picked up this week from Darleen at protein wisdom.

(Photo Credit: Source Unknown and Google Images is No Help, but you can find more info here, including their not knowing its provenance either.)

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