You want links; I got links! Not much more to say except there’s a good variety here. You’ll probably find something to like.

  1. R.I.P. Christopher Lee, an actor’s actor.
  2. John Waters is weird and irascible and, at least for this speech, full of very useful advice.
  3. You should not be surprised that this school district’s climate system is controlled by an Amiga. Local and State government is full of old tech running things that old tech should not be running.
  4. Ever wonder why certain awesome athletes’ Twitter feeds are full of parentheses? Well, wonder no more! ahahahahahahahahahahaha best)))))))
  5. Make yourselves presentable Pluto and Charon, we’re coming for your closeup!
  6. Mark Steyn is never better than when he’s writing about music. This piece on the Frank and Nancy Sinatra duet “Something’ Stupid” is detailed and lovely.
  7. I could not agree with this Wired article on action movies more. The biggest reason Die Hard became the greatest action movie made in my lifetime is because John McClane is not a buff superhero who couldn’t get hurt.
  8. What made Jurassic Park such a great movie? Everything did.
  9. Speaking of Jurassic Things, romance + dinosaur fights = gold.
  10. What would one of these posts be without a solid recipe? How about some delicious marinara sauce?


Folks, there is no way a smart, hard-working person should have this much trouble with our tax laws. Zero.