#FridayFiction: 100-Word Challenge | “History has Changed”

“History Has Changed”



Ben grunted as his assistant strapped him tightly into the time machine. Rain hammered the beach, streaked his glasses. Time was short.

“Hancock should not have died on the fourth, Martin. He should have signed the Declaration! History has changed!”

“How do you know, sir?” The assistant winced as lightning stabbed the sea.

Franklin smiled. “Because I do. Now, step away.”

Martin made it to a protective dune just in time. A silver-white bolt struck the cage Benjamin Franklin, Time Agent had carefully built. The machine glowed, then disappeared in a shower of fiery pyrotechnics better than any fireworks display.


Friday Fiction picked up this week from Darleen at protein wisdom, whose story touches on purpose and beauty.

BigGator5‘s protagonist is met by a member of the choir celestial.

April’s story tells of a promise and a homecoming.

Carrie is back with another tale of Fantastic Frank (about whom you will shortly learn even more!)

Tania takes us to the beginning of Lucy and Alex.



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