“The Challenge Dance”


Her ballet slippers scraped the pavement as she moved through the kata with precision. The saxman played, his tempo unforgiving, notes dictating the next move. People stopped, dropped money in the bucket, moved on. She flowed from The Bending Creek into Five Still Points easily and held the final position, barely breathing hard. If any of the passers-by had been Dogwatch, they would have noticed the Coalition fighting forms.

She was an open challenge, a Coalition havoc-dancer performing in Dogwatch territory. So far, no one had answered. That disappointed her greatly.

But they would. In time. Until then, she danced.


Friday Fiction challenge inspired as usual by Darleen, whose story certain deserves deeper thought.

BigGator5 kept his story grounded firmly in love and reconciliation.

Smitty jumped in this week with a tale of need and requirement.

April’s story is, again, simply wonderful.

So is Carrie’s but in a different way.