“Waiting for a Friend”



The old man sat on the bench by the lake and waited for his friend. Beside him, the aroma of fried egg and steak sandwiches wafted from a paper sack. As usual, lunch was on him today but he didn’t mind. It was the least he could do. His friend was a solider, important and busy, and didn’t have time to pick up more than the glop they served aboard his ship.

Above him, the sky rippled and split open. A craft appeared, sleek as a hawk in flight. The old man smiled, stood, and stretched. His friend had arrived.


I’ll tell you straight-up, I’m not entirely satisfied with this week’s story. It took longer to write, mostly because the story I want to tell is longer and i had a heck of a time stuffing some of it into the 100-word format. Despite my rule-breaking in the past, I try to stick to the rules. It’s good for my story-writing muscles!. Perhaps later this week, I’ll dig more into the story of the old man and his friend and what brought them together.

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