“A Little Telenegotiation”

Snow Queen

“Let him go, Rat Queen. And drop the glammers. You look like a bad photoshop.”

She narrowed her haughty too-green eyes at him through a pixellated stream of cigarette smoke. “He is mine, Marshal. He violated the Contract.”

The transformed face of the Governor-General plead to him from the wall behind her. “I hear you, Your Majesty. But he gets a hearing. Surely Pipkin reminded you.” The mouse on her shoulder nodded.

His screen jittered as she released her magic and normality returned. “Fine, Josah. Can we do it Tuesday? After lunch?”

“Tuesday. I’ll buy.”

She winked and logged off.



Darleen got things rolling, as she always does, with a story about royalty and battle.

Smitty wove a tale of magic and why precision matters.

BigGator5 introduced us to a new royal suit.

April missed last week’s story but she’s back today with a protagonist who should not be underestimated.

I’ll warn you up-front that the story may get a revision or two. There are a couple things here that don’t sit quite right with me, though I could be pickier than usual. It’s been a long week and my patience with myself is usually the first casualty when the weariness hits. Also, I may have to change a word or two later on for other reasons. We’ll see if that is necessary.

Still, not bad! There may be an urban fantasy setting lurking in the background, eh?