“Now Run, Alice”


The Beltway, Alice thought, was not her best choice for an early run. There were too many abandoned cars, like the one she just dodged with a move that would have broken a normal ankle. Her earpiece squawked. “I’m fine, Lew.”

“Yeah. Forty miles in two hours on that road? You’re pushing.”

She vaulted another car and landed in stride. “Of course! I’ve had these augments six months. Isn’t it time?”

“Guess so.” A brief pause. “Think you can outrun the Seekers closing on you from a mile south?”

She laughed. “You’re an ass!”

“Only to you. Now run, Alice!”


The challenge was presented by Darleen of protein wisdom. Her story is here and it’s rather sweet!

BigGator5 and Smitty found their stories down the same dangerous trail.

Tania is back from vacation and she brings a lovely picture and a story to go with it.