The Last Normal Camera


Here it is, the last normal camera in the world. This faded-pink plastic Polaroid was a gift from a doting father, in the days when cemeteries were not cacophonies of caterwauling spirits and shadow men did not pack the corners of every deserted place. Shot after shot, it refuses to show the world any hell-hounds or vengeful mists — not even the little girl who clutched it to her chest as she died in her sickbed. No one knows why it’s special but perhaps you’ll be the one to find out.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Bidding begins at one million dollars!


Inspiration as always from Darleen whose story reminds me of a very good Stephen King novella.

Smitty wielded his camera like a weapon.

BigGator5 found in his camera a wish machine!

Tania has returned with a lovely photo of her own. She brought Lucy and Alex back, too.

April spun the point of view around quite nicely!