#FridayFiction: 100-Word Challenge | “Such a Shame”

“Such a Shame”


Everyone agreed Herb’s death was a shame. We all loved his ventriloquist act, adored his dummy Lunkhead. His graveside memorial was so packed that a couple friends, still blitzed from the wake, almost fell in. The minister did wonderfully, everyone said, moving but brief. A good ceremony. Too bad Lunkhead hadn’t been there to send him off, propped up on the familiar stool by his coffin. An oversight. Too much celebration.

A shame, then, no one could hear Lunkhead’s screaming, frantic cries for rescue from his locked case in Herb’s apartment until the voice grew hoarse then stopped. Too bad.


I bet you thought everyone would go with “evil dummy” this week, huh? Boy do I have some surprises for you!

Darleen’s dummy isn’t evil, though it may not be very nice.

BigGator5’s dummy channeled a higher, more virtuous, power.

Smitty’s dummy told a hard but necessary truth.

Paula’s dummy is loved and missed.

Becca’s dummy is not as wooden as we may think. This is also Becca’s first #FridayFiction offering. Go on over and be encouraging!

April’s dummy is a new and clever take on an old story.

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