The Last Cool Night


The elderly couple stood arm-in-arm on the overlook. Below, the city at night glittered.
“Ralph, it really is beautiful.”
“Not as beautiful as you, my hearts.”
She leaned her head on his shoulder. “You old flatterer.”
He smiled. She didn’t have to see his face or taste his subtle pheromonal shifts. After so many years, she simply knew.
“You know, I shall miss them when they’re gone.”
“So shall I, Ethel. Perhaps they will not suffer much. I recommended the Harvesters show them mercy.”
“That’s nice,” she said and snuggled closer to enjoy their last night on cool, green Earth.


I’ve an idea for a television show stuck in my head about a small group of aliens sent to Earth to scout it out in advance of a world-ending invasion. I imagine Ralph and Ethel might be part of that scout force or perhaps they are the whole scout force and have lived their entire lives here. I’m not sure which. The idea is far from complete, unlike this story.

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