A Sea Promise is Solemn


Every day, the kid walked the beach with a tire slung over his shoulder. Every day, the old men with their shovels and buckets full of tawdry treasures mocked him. Who carries a tire, they’d ask loudly and laugh, cawing like grey gulls who’d forgotten how to fly

The kid never never replied. His eyes were for the sea. Once it gave him a tire and when it was ready, it would give him more. It had promised. And a sea-promise is solemn.

Every day the kid carried the tire and took the mocking.

Until one day he drove away.


Do you like this story? It’s not quite my usual and I fear I missed the point at which I was aiming. Or maybe there was no point at all and I just wanted to confound myself! Well, mission accomplished! There is more to be found there about the sea and diligence and cynicism, far more than can be uncovered in 100 words. Perhaps you will write a story about them and share it with me!

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